“Alexa, ask Bod App, what's my bank balance?”

Bod is your business banking buddy that helps you manage your accounts by simply using your voice.

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Bod App

Use your voice to access your business accounts

Check, track and manage your Business accounts and more!

Check multiple accounts

Get the balance of your business' current, credit and savings accounts in one place.

Track your expenditures

Keep on top of all your expenditures, ask for recent transactions or a monthly summary.

Get notified when invoices get paid

Ever wondered if that invoice has been paid? Bod can notify you when it hits your account.

Things you can ask Bod

Here are just a few examples of phrases you can ask Bod.

“What's the balance on my business credit card?"

“The balance on your business credit card is currently £460”

“What was the last transaction on my current account?"

“Your last transaction was £220 made to 360 Accountancy on 14 February 2018”

“Has invoice 123 been paid?"

“Invoice 123 has not been paid. I will notify you as soon as payment is made”

"When are my company accounts due?"

“Your next accounts are due by 31 January 2019”

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Our mission

"We want to make access to crucial business banking information easier and quicker via voice technologies"

Small businesses and sole traders are very busy people, often juggling their work days around hands on tasks as well as administration and book keeping duties.

Keeping up with customer payments and general ins and outs are crucial to any small business and their cashflow.

Access to business banking for such cashflow information is currently available via website, apps, telephone banking and face to face meetings.

Although some of these methods are ultimately quicker than others we want to make access to crucial banking information even quicker and easier to reach.

30-Day Free Trial

Security is everything

The protection of your data is our highest priority.

Bank Level Encryption

We use 256-bit TLS encryption used by all major banks.

Read Only Access

Bod only has access to your data in read-only mode.

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